The staff at Antec are absolutely doing a good job. Their delivery service has been spot on. Obviously when we are busy they are coming out themselves and delivering it so just thought I’d give you a heads up they are doing a great job.

Specialised Fire

Axiflow operators were frustrated at having to use old, unreliable equipment and old processes. Antec provided a solution using the HBS Cup Pin System, HBS CDi1502 power source and CI03 Cup Pin gun. Not only OH&S friendly, Axiflow will achieve a saving of 50% in labour by reducing the number of installation steps from 4 to 1.

Savings of 50% in Labour

We value our relationship with Antec: the staff are easy to deal with and knowledgeable. They have helped us secure key projects with good pricing and efficient service. We look forward to doing more business together in the years to come.

Warren Atkins
Managing Director, Aircon Piping